This page will contain information relating to the weapons / guns list that will be featured in the upcoming COD Ghosts game.


I've split the weapons up into their designated categories. These are all confirmed. As more information is released, these lists will be modified and expanded on:

Weapons Info

During his lengthy video, Drift0r said that the game was set in the future, but that all of the weaponry was current-generation. Simply put, you'll be in a future setting equipped with current-day weapons. Why? Maybe the technology that they use in the future becomes defunct and they're forced to look back to the past. Or maybe technology begins to turn on them? Who knows.

Weapon List

Multiplayer Assault Rifles
assault rifles

During the trailer, we were treated to a list of all of the assault rifles that would appear in the COD Ghosts multiplayer. You can see: CZ-805 BREN. Honeybadger. SC2010. AK-12. MSBS. FAD. I can't really make out the other two at the moment. I'll have to do some sleuthing.

.44 Magnum

Here, you can see that the trusty .44 magnum has returned as a sidearm. This particular screenshot is from the multiplayer reveal trailer. The .44 magnum was designed in the United States back in the 1950s.


During the trailer, you are prompted to pick up a weapon that is called the SC2010. I've done some searching around and I've yet to find its real-life counterpart.

CZ 805 Bren

The CZ 805 Bren is an assault rifle that originates from the Czech Republic. It is currently being used as the standard military rifle in the Czech armed forces. This weapon is fitted with folding iron sights and it is capable of being equipped with a wide range of optical equipment (red-dot sights, etc). You'll find that a lot of people mistake this rifle for being the ACR, which is a gun that has appeared in previous IW games.

AK Variant

So far, nobody has been able to properly identify this weapon. All we know is that is some sort of AK variant. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, as the AK47 and the AK74u have all been heavily featured in previous Call of Duty games. From the screenshot above, it looks as if the men in Ghillie suits equipped with silencers.


The AK-12 has been confirmed as one of the assault rifles in the game. This is a derivative of the Soviet/Russian AK-47 series of assault rifles. Designed in 2010, this is a new AK variant that only started production in 2012. Developed by the Izhevsk Machinebuilding Plant in Russia.


The Dragunov SVU is a bullpup configuration of the famous SVD sniper rifle and it has been in service since 1994. Developed in Russia and also used by the Military of Yemen. This is a semi-automatic weapon.


This screenshot is from the behind-the-scenes video, which gave us a glimpse into the multiplayer side of things. Many people have reported this weapon as being the Kriss Vector K10, which is an SMG that originates from the United States. This is because the Kriss Vector K10 has a pretty distinctive stock. This particular submachine gun has been featured in many of the previous games so it wouldn't surprise me to see it return for Call of Duty Ghosts. EDIT: Since the reveal on Aug 14th, we can now say for sure that it will return. See the screenshot below:


The MTAR-21 is a variant of the TAR-21, which was a fan-favorite back in MW2. The MTAR (Micro Tavor, aka the IWI X95) was recently selected as the future assault rifle of the Israeli armed forces. It is developed by Israel Military Industries Ltd. (IMI). Sometimes, this particular assault rifle is referred to as the Tavor-2. It is a compact weapon with a bullpup design and it was specifically designed for special forces units.


It is no surprise to see the UMP45 returning as it did feature in MW2 and MW3. Developed by German defense manufacturing company Heckler & Koch, this SMG currently sees action in countries such as Georgia and the Philippines.


C4 is confirmed as it was featured in the multi reveal. C4 can be thrown and then manually exploded or shot.


So far, it seems as if most people have this one pegged down as the FN FAL. The FAL is a gas-operated battle rifle that originates from Belgium. In all of the previous games, this has been featured as a semi-automatic assault rifle. The gun is developed by Fabrique Nationale, hence the "FN".

Marksman Rifles

Marksman Rifles are a new type of weapon class in COD Ghosts. Basically, they're intended to bridge the gap between regular Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles!


We can reveal the the MK32 is one of the grenade launchers in the game. Also known as the Milkor MGL, this launcher originates from South Africa and it is currently by countries such as Brazil, the US and Sweden. The MK32 is a "revolver-like" six-shot grenade launcher.


The MTS255 is a confirmed multiplayer shotgun. According to the in-game description (shown in the trailer), it is a 5-round revolving cylinder shotgun that lets you "run and gun in style." In real life, this is of Russian origins.


This looks to be the M4A1, which been featured in previous Call of Duty games as an assault rifle. The M4A1 is an automatic variant of the M4 carbine. It is mostly used by US Special Forces, as well as the Army Rangers and the Navy Seals. In 2014, the US army will begin to replace all M4 carbines and M16 rifles with the M4A1.


This is basically the CZ-805 BREN. During the multiplayer reveal, the BREN was highlighted while this assault rifle was being shown. According to the in-game description, this AR is fully-automatic, versatile and strong.

Hybrid Sight

Looks like the Hybrid sight (or the Holographic sight) will be returning in Call of Duty Ghosts. If it is the Hybrid sight, it means that you'll be able to switch between the Holographic and Red-Dot sights.

AAC Honey Badger
honey badger

This one is the AAC Honey Badger. When the teaser trailer was first released, a lot of people made the mistake of thinking that this was the MP5. The AAC Honey Badger PDW is produced by American firearms company Advanced Armament Corporation. With the help of the US Special Forces, this was produced with the intention of replacing the MP5 and the MP7 as the default choice for close quarters combat. It can be both automatic or semi-automatic.

APS underwater rifle
APS underwater rifle

During the trailer, we were shown a few cut-scenes of underwater missions. In this particular scene, we see a soldier holding an APS underwater rifle. This weapon was designed and developed in the Soviet Union back in the 1970s. It is produced by Russian weapons manufacturer Tula Arms Plan, which was founded by Tsar Peter I of Russia back in 1712. It fires a steel bolt and it can be used in water, although the range is reportedly very short and inaccurate. Here's a shot of it being used in the footage we were shown at E3:

ACOG Scope

ACOG stands for Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight. It has been featured in a lot of the previous games, so its inclusion shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone.

Throwing Knife

Here, we can see the the trusty throwing knife has returned. Described as a retrievable knife that causes instant death on impact. We can also see some of the other Lethal Equipment options: Frag Grenade. Semtex. I.E.D. C4. Canister Bomb.